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West Caldwell Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney John L. Kemenczy

Car Accident Attorney John L Kemenczy of West Caldwell, New Jersey West Caldwell Car Accident Lawyer John L. Kemenczy provides skilled legal guidance to help motor vehicle accident victims get justice. If you have been in an auto accident, Kemenczy Law is prepared to advocate for your interests and connect you to the resources you need to move forward.

After an accident, it can sometimes be confusing because you may not know where to find quality legal assistance. You may be dealing with serious injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Your car or truck may be in need of expensive repairs from the crash. There may also be property damage involved.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer John L. Kemenczy has been protecting the rights of car accident victims for more than 30 years. Your well-being is the top priority for our team of dedicated legal professionals. Call (973) 364-7700 and arrange for a legal consultation today. We will thoroughly review the details of your situation. Mr. Kemenczy can explain your rights and legal options to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

From an office in West Caldwell, Kemenczy Law represents clients in Essex County, in the Greater Newark area, and throughout New Jersey. The quality of our service is reflected in the positive reviews of our clients.

Compensation for Car Accident Victims in New Jersey

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Attorney in New Jersey

Seeking the advice of a skilled and knowledgeable motor vehicle accident attorney may be the key to securing the full amount of financial compensation after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident. We handle all of the details so you can focus on moving past the accident.

West Caldwell Car Accident Attorney John L. Kemenczy has extensive experience representing clients in motor vehicle accidents. He is prepared to fight for your rights in all types of auto accident cases, including rear-end crashes, T-bone accidents, head-on collisions, poor driving conditions, distracted driving accidents and accidents involving ridesharing services.

We understand car accidents cause a wide range of injuries, and we can help you get the quality medical care you need for recovery. Auto Accident Attorney John L. Kemenczy conducts a full investigation to determine the exact cause of your injuries. He works diligently to secure an equitable settlement in a timely manner. If negotiations are not progressing, Mr. Kemenczy is prepared to pursue your interests in court.

Representing car crash victims often involves fighting the big insurance companies. They most likely will want to minimize your injuries and offer you a low settlement. Car Accident Attorney John L. Kemenczy is passionate about helping clients gain the maximum possible compensation for motor vehicle accidents. He understands the significant impact a vehicular accident can have on your life.

Car Accident Injury Attorney John Kemenczy of West Caldwell, NJ You may be entitled to recover the following compensation for your motor vehicle accident injuries:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Bills
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Future Earnings

Because there are many factors involved in car accident claims, Mr. Kemenczy may be able to pursue additional lawsuits against the person or business responsible for the crash. If your injury occurred while you were working, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

What Should I do after a Motor Vehicle Accident?

After an auto accident, it is important to write down detailed information about the scene, other drivers and their vehicles, and witnesses. If necessary, seek immediate medical care for serious injuries. We also suggest the following:

New Jersey Car Accident Attorney John L Kemenczy

  • Exchange contact information with other drivers
  • Record insurance information and license plate numbers
  • Take detailed pictures with your cell phone at the scene
  • Get witness names and phone numbers
  • Give only facts without discussing fault

West Caldwell Motor Vehicle Lawyer John L. Kemenczy advises clients to not discuss the accident with the other driver’s insurance company. Mr. Kemenczy is highly experienced in negotiating with insurance companies to help clients obtain the maximum compensation allowed under New Jersey law.

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