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When your dog bites your BFF

In Personal Injury by John Kemenczy

Here’s a true story: We handled a case for a client who was visiting a high school friend. During the visit, the friend’s dog — usually a friendly and approachable pet — lunged at the BFF without provocation and caused considerable physical harm, tearing off the friend’s lip. The trauma, both physical and mental, was obviously substantial, as were the resulting costs (emergency room treatment, plastic surgery, follow-up medical care, etc.).

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Cellphones aren’t the only things distracting drivers these days

In Motor Vehicle Accidents by John Kemenczy

We know how distracting cellphones are for drivers, but other things can make automobile drivers take their eyes off the road — and some of them involve wacky behavior. We recently represented a motorcyclist who was badly hurt because the driver of the car that hit him was shaving at the time of the accident! In another accident, the driver didn’t notice the motorcycle she hit because she had been putting on lipstick. And the DC area there is a driver who is notorious for painting while driving, although we haven’t heard anything (yet!) about an accident as a result.