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Cellphones aren’t the only things distracting drivers these days

In Motor Vehicle Accidents by John Kemenczy

Kemenczy Motorcycles Distracted Drivers | Kemenczy Law We know how distracting cellphones are for drivers, but other things can make automobile drivers take their eyes off the road — and some of them involve wacky behavior. We recently represented a motorcyclist who was badly hurt because the driver of the car that hit him was shaving at the time of the accident! In another accident, the driver didn’t notice the motorcycle she hit because she had been putting on lipstick. And the DC area there is a driver who is notorious for painting while driving, although we haven’t heard anything (yet!) about an accident as a result.

Any accident is always a concern, but things get even more hazardous when a car or truck strikes a motorcyclist. The balance of power, so to speak, is always in favor of the car or truck, which is bigger and heavier and have more protection than a motorcyclist. Of course, biker behavior can be unpredictable if they weave in and out of traffic, and it can be hard to see a motorcycle in a driver’s blind spot.

As the owner of a car or truck, your best protection against an automobile accident is to stay off your cellphone when driving and to be extra-vigilant about the traffic around you. As a motorcyclist, watch out for distracted drivers, because they won’t see you.

And if the worst does happen, your best bet is to contact us right away and let us act for you. We can help you deal with aspects that might not occur to you, or that you might be too traumatized to notice and understand.

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