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Hurt on the job in New Jersey? 6 things you need to know now!

In Workers' Compensation by John Kemenczy

Kemenczy Hurt on the Job in NJ | Kemenczy Law Many employees do not know the steps to take if they’ve been hurt on the job. These are the six most important steps that you — the employee — should take if you’ve been injured on the job in New Jersey. It might be worth checking your employee manual now to know what could happen if such an incident should occur.

  1. Report the incident to your supervisor immediately after the event or your injury is known, both in person and in writing (e-mail counts as “in writing” ). If you’re able to do so, be sure to use any official company forms for reporting the incident.
  2. Keep copies of the incident report and any other communications about the event, as well as all doctor or hospital documents, such as ambulance or emergency room bills, physical therapy appointments, doctor’s slips, etc.
  3. Know your rights. If you are filing a workers’ compensation claim, your New Jersey employer or insurance company has the legal right to choose where you can go for treatment after the accident. This is similar to your insurance company determining which auto body shop to use for getting your car repaired after an accident. A company-assigned healthcare provider may not have your best interests at heart, at least financially — they might not know your medical history and are likely to put the company’s interests before yours.
  4. Do not post about the event or your injury on social media, especially anything about claims, insurance adjusters, conflicts, or disagreements. That includes videos and photos.
  5. Be sure to comply with all orders and directions from your authorized physician and other healthcare providers.
  6. Keep your last full pay stub or statement and the previous year’s W-2 form so your benefits can be calculated correctly.

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