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Protecting those who protect us — when first responders get hurt on the job

In Workers' Compensation by John Kemenczy

first responders 678729832 | Kemenczy Law

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve probably seen a disturbing trend: an increase in assaults against first responders — POLICE OFFICERS, FIREFIGHTERS, EMS PROFESSIONALS and others who are there to protect us — that result in serious injuries. To add insult to such injuries, employers aren’t doing enough to support their people when this happens, the insurance companies don’t want to pay when first responders are hurt on the job, and your credit can be at risk along with your health while you’re waiting for treatment or insurance confirmation. 

We take these situations seriously because we believe that first responders are very important. If you’re risking your health and safety to serve and protect others, you deserve the best care and coverage if you’re hurt on the job. And you deserve to receive your benefits promptly so you can focus on healing and getting back to work. Your work is dangerous enough; you shouldn’t have to worry about protecting yourself after an on-the-job incident that results in an injury. 

Here’s what we do to help:

  1. File a formal Worker’s Compensation Claim Petition to get the process moving on your behalf. 
  2. Conduct an investigation to find out whether you’re entitled to file a third-party claim against someone else.
  3. Gather medical information to document injuries and treatments.
  4. Help you get your medical bills paid.
  5. Help you get the lost wage benefits you’re entitled to collect.
  6. Talk to witnesses as part of the investigation.
  7. Have you evaluated medically.  
  8. Negotiate a settlement if possible or litigate your claim if negotiations don’t work out.
  9. Protect you while you wait to receive what you’re entitled to by preparing and sending notices to medical creditors to ensure that they follow the court rules, join in the workers’ compensation claim and don’t sue you in Superior Court.

Even if you are a volunteer first responder, the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act recognizes the valuable services you perform and provides you with protection.

If you are a first responder and you’ve been injured on the job, contact our firm to set up a consultation.